Paulato complements contain various accessories to protect and embellish your furniture. Bed frame and headboard covers, chair covers, pouf covers, cushion covers and much more: discover the perfect complement for you! All the products in the catalogue are made of high quality, elastic, non-scratch and machine washable fabrics, at low temperatures even for several washing cycles. Discover all the collections and colour variants, ideal for every season of the year!

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Paulato furniture accessories for all styles and seasons of the year!

Paulato products for furnishing complements are a versatile and economical solution for giving new life to your furniture. Thanks to their elasticity, these products adapt perfectly to poufs, chairs, cushions and beds, protecting them from scratches or stains. Moreover, being machine-washable, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain, guaranteeing durability.

Discover all the collections and colours of Paulato's furnishing accessories

The available collections are diverse and include Plain Microfibre, Printed Microfibre and Jacquard with floral embossing. The colours are varied and range from classic black and white to brighter, more vibrant shades such as burgundy and mustard. This wide choice of colours and fabrics makes it possible to find the perfect solution for every type of furnishing and every season of the year. In this way, you can personalise your furnishings with simplicity and taste. With Paulato's bi-elastic covers for furnishing accessories, you can renew your home with style and elegance.