Paulato copridivano con penisola
Paulato copridivano con penisola
We dress your furniture since 1965.
We protect and cover them
with elegance and personality.

Paulato sofa covers:
Italian quality and passion

All Paulato products are made with care and attention to detail typical of Made In Italy productions. From sofa covers, to “vestiletto”, chair covers and accessories, they are all united by the quality of the raw materials and the processing of the product by skilled artisans. Discover all the available collections and all the color variants, perfect for any type of furniture.

Research, experimentation and attention to detail. We are constantly studying new solutions to best protect your furniture with style and elegance. All Made In Italy.


A modern and colorful collection made from a scratch-resistant, lightweight and breathable fabric.


Soft fabric and embossed floral patterns-a touch of true Italian luxury in your living room.

Comfort and protection


Not only quality: Paulato products are also an expression of comfort and practicality in everyday life. They are wear- and scratch-resistant for pets, who will be able to relax on your sofa without the risk of ruining it. In addition, all products are machine washable at low temperatures and for multiple wash cycles, without affecting the elasticity of the fabric. In fact, it’s a perfect method of returning the fabric to its original elasticity! Discover all Paulato products and collections on the website and in the shop, and treat yourself to a touch of Italian luxury in your living room!